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Natural Stone Patios

One of the more bespoke type of patio choices for your home is a natural stone patio installation which is carried out by laying down natural stone slabbing instead of manufactured slabs. The most common types of natural stone patios are built with Indian sandstone, limestone, granite or with porcelain.

During the free estimate with our patio designers, we can discuss the options with you and help to tailor the patio to what you require. Our designers will take the time to listen to you and provide you with some insight into what each type of style might bring to your patio.

Along with natural stone choices such as sandstone or limestone, we can provide matching options such as sandstone walling or brick bordered pathways to go along with the new patio area. If you want a more affordable option, you can view our services for slabbing patios here.

Read on below to see examples of the different types of natural stone and what the experts at DPS can do for you with an extra discount bonus at the bottom!

Indian Sandstone Patios

Indian sandstone are one of the most common types of natural stone patios that we install for clients. Durable, beautiful colour variations and available in 4 different sizes with the most common colours being Kandla grey, fossil mint, camel dust and raj green.

We do recommend seeing a sample of the colours as pictures do not do the colours justice and remember that wet sandstone can be dramatically darker in colour than dry sandstone which sometimes can confuse as well. For extra effect, we recommend getting a contrasting block or brick around it to make the colours of the sandstone really pop out.

Limestone Patios

The next most popular option for our natural stone installers is limestone patios which comes in a close second to the sandstone option above. Limestone even though it seems similar to sandstone is quite different in texture and in colouring. Mostly available in 3 colours but those 3 colours have different shadings which can affect the look of it.

For example black limestone, can be more charcoal than black with some types of limestone slabbing. Most common colours are buff, blue or black depending on where the limestone is sourced from. The colours are more consistent on limestone than sandstone with less variation on a slab and stay relatively the same, wet or dry.

Porcelain Patios

Even though porcelain is not natural stone, its often classified by people as natural stone and performs just as well if not better than the above options on a patio. It is more expensive than the other options but the colour finishes including the high gloss or buffed finishes can look truly outstanding as a tiled patio or tiled garden area.

The laying process including the cutting stays the same as sandstone or limestone but we will use slurry primer on each of the porcelain tiles to make sure it bonds to the mortar bed. Porcelain is not really porous which means wet or dry will always look the same but needs a bit of help bonding with mortar due to it.

Since porcelain is in effect, man made, you can get a truly stupendous amount of colours and variations for your patio area but the price can dramatically vary depending on your choice. We recommend the larger 300 x 900 as shown below in some examples for a patio area. We will always use a resin grout with porcelain as normal mortar grouting does not work with porcelain.


Any natural stone patio project work between April and May has a 5% discount off the price. Simply use the discount code of WEB5 once we have quoted you and we will automatically knock a further 5% off the price. (Single discount only and cannot be combined with other discounts)

Our natural stone experts can advise you on what will work best in your patio and can suggest any additions such as walling and decorative edging to ensure that you, the customer, are 100% satisfied. Call us on 01452 905017  for a free no obligation visit from the professionals at Driveway and Patio Solutions in Gloucestershire.


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