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Driveway With Block Paving in Gloucestershire

Examples of DPS' Block Paving Projects Throughout Gloucestershire (9)

What was the Job:

Where was the Job:

What Type Of Work:

  • New Driveway
  • Preparation Work:

  • Dug out old driveway
  • Put in new Type 1 MOT foundation
  • Put in crushed stone foundations
  • Laid down membrane weed block
  • Extra Features:


    Any Extra Details:

    Here are examples of our block paved driveway projects throughout Gloucestershire. Follow DPS on social media for more.

    1. Brindle Block Paved Driveway with Basketweave Pattern in Churchtown
    2. Charcoal Block Paved Driveway with Double Grey Edging in Gloucester
    3. Red Brick Block Paved Driveway with Single Charcoal Edging with Basketweave Pattern in Gloucester
    4. Natural Grey Block Paved Driveway with Charcoal Edging in a Stretcher Bond Pattern and Railway Sleeper Retainers in Stroud


    Job Was Finished With: Block Paving