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Driveway With Block Paving in Linden

Block Paved Driveway Re-Installation in Linden, Gloucester

What was the Job:

Where was the Job:

What Type Of Work:

  • New Driveway
  • Redesigned Area
  • Preparation Work:

  • Dug out old driveway
  • Put in new Type 1 MOT foundation
  • Graded the base
  • Laid down membrane weed block
  • Extra Features:

  • Wall removal

    Any Extra Details:

    First we removed the front wall to widen the access to the driveway. Then we took out the old block paving and graded the base to gain a second parking area. We installed new hardcore base with membrane sheeting and repurposed the original block paving for the new layout. Finally we smoothed the transition onto the sidewalk with a strip of cement.


    Job Was Finished With: Block Paving